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Paint a beautiful masterpiece in days even if you've never painted before.

Anyone can paint with Jacqueline Coates' Blooms Painting MethodAnyone can paint with Jacqueline Coates' Blooms Painting Method®


Scared of a blank canvas? Worried what others might think of your efforts? Don't worry! My painting method sets you up for great results in a compassionate , easy to understand way.

Build your painting in 7 manageable steps. Create two beautiful large canvases in my Blooms 1 and 2 workshop. I have taught hundreds of students

'Having never painted before Jacqueline's Blooms workshop started me on a journey of self-discovery. It is now my huge passion and people are buying my paintings.'
— MichelleEndersbee, Bon Beach, Vic .

Marion Dall, WA

'Jacqueline was the most generous of teachers with her excellent tutoring. The most unselfish thing an artist can do is to pass on to other artists all of the knowledge that has taken her a lifetime to amass. Jacqueline is a no nonsense teacher and we had enormous fun.'
— Marion Dall, Bunbury, WA.

The Blooms Workshop 2018 Dates

April 12-15, 2018 Brisbane Blooms
April 17- 20
plus evening of April 16 at Metro Arts $2350 pp max of 12 per class
July 19-22, 9-5.30pm,
plus evening of July 18, 2018
SYDNEY - Willoughby
July 27-30, 2018 9-5.30pm,
plus evening of July 26, 2018
BRISBANE - Metro Arts
September 26-29, 9-5.30pm,
plus evening of September 25, 2018
October 9-12, 9-5:30pm plus evening of October 8, 2018 BAROSSA VALLEY - SA

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Jacqueline Coates Group Painting

Includes 4 Bonus sessions:

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Barn Living Room

For Barossa Valley workshops; Accommodation available for Kapunda Workshops at Jacqueline's art filled and inspirational A Barn in the Barossa at $90 a night twinshare inc breakfast provisions or The Millhouse on Baker Street

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First I show you how to paint with my no fail Blooms Painting Method® known for producing amazing results from scratch. Paint $30,000 of paintings over 12 months you can keep or sell.

Students in my course report feeling excited and inspired on a daily basis.

Then I share how to market your work and build a great reputation. Build your business skills alongside your painting skills. My students routinely sell their homework for hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Many hadnít even painted before they met me. You can do it too. Learn with flowers then expand.

Why do a job you donít like when you can be paid for doing something you love?

As an artist ,immerse yourself in colour and creativity every day. Inspire and uplift others with your paintings. Choose your own hours. Express yourself. Connect with your joy and passion.

This is a course you can do part time from home!

My 12 month Make Money From Art Program includes monthly manuals and skype mentoring, workshop intensives, artist interviews so you can learn from others, a 10 day live in in the Barossa Valley,my classic Blooms 1 and 2 painting workshop, a built for you website to showcase your first exhibition of work plus hand held guidance to create your own PR, social media, blogging and more. The course student website helps sell your paintings along the way.

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Email me at jacquelinecoates@bigpond.com or call M 0412 587 438

Jacqueline Coates New 12 Month Painting Program

Free Blooms painting e-lesson at www.freebloomsartlesson.com
Try my Blooms painting technique at home.

Students progress at the Melbourne Workshops January 2013

Fruity painting challenge and a peony rose

Fruity painting challenge and a peony rose

Caroline Maher of Bendigo participated in the Blooms 1 & 2 painting workshop in Melbourne 2013. She painted sun dappled apples which presented interesting challenges with tonal values. The beautiful results tell the story of her victory over turn of form shadows.

Caroline also painted a peony rose with a myriad of petals and changing hues. Fantastic work Caroline.

Caroline is participating as a student of the 12 month painting program Make Money From Art, and now working towards her own exhibition.

Newby painter brings poppies and a peony to life

Newby painter brings poppies and a peony to life

Newby painter Wendy of Altona Melbourne faced off her nervousness about her creative ability to go on to paint two brilliant large canvases in the January Melbourne 2013 Blooms 1 and 2 workshop.

The Jacqueline Coates Blooms Painting Method provided Wendy with a supportive step by step process. Wendy's results are an inspiration.

"Doing these two paintings has given me a lot of confidence. I feel I will get started again with my painting now. I can now see more colours and paint them in my work."

Melbourne Mother of triplets blooms at Painting Workshop

Melbourne Mother of triplets blooms at Painting Workshop

Jodie of Melbourne usually has her hands happily full with her gorgeous triplets now five years old and about to start school.

'I mastered colour mixing in this Blooms 1 and 2 workshop'.

With a bit more time available in the upcoming schedule Jodie is wasting no time in simultaneously developing her creative talents and satisfying her urge to paint. And no wonder when we see the gorgeous paintings Jodie is coming up with as she builds creative confidence in the Blooms 1 &2 workshop in Melbourne, 2013.

Jodie is currently enrolled in my 12 month Make Money From Art painting program working on her paintings and first exhibition, and a business plan and pr storey. Stay tuned!

New take on painting

New take on painting

Debra flew in from Singapore to participate in the Blooms 1 and 2 Melbourne Workshop Jan 2013. She had previously participated in a formal university art education but by the end of that the options felt limited.

Deb immersed herself in paint, which is what it is all about, and took on blooms that were not typically full of bright colour. Instead she found exquisite colour combinations and detail in the shadows of her flowers which dramatically highlighted the flower structures she chose. "I learned a lot about tone and blending. I also let go a bit and used bigger brushes".

I am really excited to be working with Debra in my 12 month program. I know she will bring a unique twist and approach to the blooms work.

Breakthrough painting results

Breakthrough painting results

Marg from Melbourne is by day a school principal. She took on the Blooms 1 and 2 workshop for a second time as it was included in my 12 month program she is participating in.

I really noticed how Marg took charge of the painting process and confidently created her two beautiful canvases this time round.

The confidence reflected the work she has put in recently with my program building her experience with the paintings she has created inbetween the two workshops. Marg has been painting in her spare time as she.

'I feel more has full time work commitmentsconfident with my colour mixing and stroke making'.

Congratulations Marg! Great results!

Mum of two unearths creative talent

Mum of two unearths creative talent

'I havenít picked up a paint brush since high school and I have had the best week!'.

Busy Brisbane mum Jane attended the Melbourne Blooms 1 & 2 painting workshop and enjoyed immersing herself in the beautiful colours of her flower paintings.

She chose a red rose and frangipanis. In order to get her great results Jane successfully learned how to blend her colours on the canvas and to control her paint application.

It was a joy to see Jane finish off two beautiful canvases she can proudly display. Jane has continue with the 12 month Make Money From Art Painting Program.

Artist finds Beauty in the shadows

Artist finds Beauty in the shadows

Jacqueline S. from Melbourne loves the muted hues she finds in the folds of flowers. In order to capture these Jacqueline had to master blending and colour mixing during the Blooms 1 and 2 workshop in Melbourne.

Her large painted canvases of a magnolia and a peony show her bold yet delicate results. She has previously studied Chinese watercolour painting.

Jacqueline is enjoying the change to paint on canvas and will be working with me in the 12 month painting program this year so can't wait to see what she wants to do next!

Sell your painting before the end of the work shop

Sell your painting before the end of the work shop

"I feel so excited. I have learned so much. Itís like falling in love. There is so much happening with in me from painting this painting".

Why not follow Noela's lead? Noela attended the Blooms 1 & 2 Painting Workshop in Melbourne. She shocked herself with delight when she did a great job of painting two large canvases. Noela likened the experience to falling in love as she was so engaged with her paintings as she created them the excitement lead to having butterflies!

It's a known fact that the experience of painting is like falling in love as the same parts of the brain are triggered with the two experiences. No wonder the ladies were so keen and happy to spend time at the easels. We all fell in love with Noela's peony with its dramatic light and dark areas and the way she put her colours together. By the end of the week she already had an interested buyer for it. Now that's efficient painting and salesmanship.

Breakthrough for Blooms teacher in training

Breakthrough for Blooms teacher in training

Delightful and talented artist and student Lee Teusner participated as an assistant and teacher in training in both of the Melbourne Workshop groups where I taught Blooms 1 and 2.

Lee enjoyed the accelerated learning atmosphere and took in every opportunity to reinforce her learning and painting experience in stage one of her Blooms Teaching Program. She also painted a large canvas of gold roses to dramatic effect. Sometimes it can take a bit of time for confidence to catch up with the painting ability and to believe in yourself and your skills.

During the workshops Lee gained that sense of confidence to match her excellent painting efforts and now they are in sync she will be unstoppable. Lee will make a great Blooms painting method teacher in time and I am enjoying sharing the teaching method with her in the Blooms teaching program. Those interested in applying for the Booms teaching program can do so after completion of my 12 month Make Money From Art painting program.

The teaching program can also be used to take your painting to a higher level if you prefer. Teaching makes us better artists. Congratulations Lee! Lee will be having her first exhibition of fashion themed paintings in July 2013 at Artisans of the Barossa.

A passion for painting fulfilled

A passion for painting fulfilled

First time painter Lucy from Perth whipped up a gorgeous peony painting in two and a half days during the Melbourne Blooms 1 and 2 painting workshop.

She went on to paint magnificent magnolias. Lucy is finding time in her work and life schedule to do my 12 month painting program Make Money from Art. Can't wait to see Lucy's next paintings.

Corporate queen expresses her creative side

Corporate queen expresses her creative side

Lisa is a very successful businesswoman. She decided that this is the year to go for it with her painting. She jumped right and joined the 12 month painting program. Here she is glazing one of her paintings from the Blooms 1 and 2 workshop just 3 months into the program with little previous prior painting experience.

For more testimonials please visit You tube blooms painting workshops as there are live video testimonials there.

Blooms 1 and 2 workshop student results 957kb pdf


All workshops require a deposit at the time of booking to confirm your place. The deposit is generally $500, with the balance due in the week or two preceding the workshop, or by arrangement on the day. Visa and Mastercard are welcome. Interstate visitors can find plenty of accommodation in Kapunda B and B’s at reasonable prices. Please Contact Jac to make a booking.

Bookings:  Jacqueline Coates - ph 0412 587 438

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success stories

Please view some of the student's work below and see for yourself how successful they are!

2012 Melbourne Blooms Testimonials   2mb pdf

January 2011 Melbourne Blooms   480kb pdf

April 2010 Sydney workshop results - 440kb pdf.

February 2010 Kapunda workshop results- 154kb pdf.

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