Art Prints


This is the deluxe range of limited edition prints on canvas that are produced from a Giclee technique, or digitally controlled airbrush technique in a seven colour process.

The quality is archival and accepted at a museum level. Inks are assured for 140 years, longer than most of us require. Canvases are varnished, professionally stretched on quality stretchers, and presented ready to hang. Each print is numbered and singed, and the owner is recorded with the artist. The effect is very luscious and has most people thinking these prints are paintings.

Reproductions are limited to five hundred prints of each image.

‘Summer Roses – Lausanne’ and ‘Two Peonies’ can be made to a depth of 100cm x width. Suit large canvas prints.

Price guide

  • 20cm square $120
  • 30cm square $210
  • 51cm square $600
  • 60cm square $680
  • 80cm square $900
  • 1m square $1200
  • Panel 36cm x 96cm $680
  • Panel 71cm x 107cm $980
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