Artist Workshops


Learn to paint a masterpiece from scratch even if you have never painted before!

Have you even wanted to paint but been too scared to give it a go?

Feeling too terrified to make a start?

I was there once too. Thirty years on I have helped thousands of newbies get past their creative blocks and create stunning paintings with my original reliable system of painting anyone can do.

In just two days of learning the Jacqueline Coates Blooms Painting Method® you will have painted  your own proof that you can paint and get great results.

Jan S, Blooms Melbourne

First I teach you how to handle the paint with my Paint Brush License.

Before you even go to the canvas you are painting like a pro and already know more than most university level art students.

Noone else is teaching this. Even painters of experience tell me how much vital information  they have learned with this exercise.

Sue W from Canada, Blooms France

Then we build the painting in logical stages and learn about colour, and how to give your painting the professional finish. Learn my BLOOMS 7 step system to know when the painting is complete, how to assess it for yourself and how to make those final tweaks so iyour canvas literally BLOOMS!  This is a no fail method and everyone can do it!

Currently I am teaching online including interactive Blooms Live Sessions and several painting programs.

For the Blooms Live Online! Paris Rose class and bonuses

please visit:

For the How to Paint Blooms 52 week e-course

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For the Blooms Masterclass and Make Money From Art Programs including mentoring with Jacqueline Coates please enjoy my PDF and MMFA booklet.


Learn to paint Blooms and gain painting confidence, with the option to develop your own style and to sell and market your work.

Become ahigh level painter wither for yourself or to share your work with others.

An online study program presented on a convenient app platform in the form of 12 x monthy manuals, and enjoy 18 months to take the program. Mentoring session via skype or phone with Jacqueline Coates.

Over 100 instructional videos, specialist manuals, audio learning and mentoring, access to the private group page, and the Blooms Painting Workshops with Jacqueline.


An online study pack including the 52 week Blooms e-class series, access to the Blooms app packed with videos and ebooks, and step by step elessons, plus mentoring via skype, plus an optional 3 day free Blooms Painting Workshop in Los Angeles Downtown Arts District conducted at least twice a year. The Program has been written by Jacqueline Coates.  Start the course at any time.

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